Spurwink Country Kitchen

If you lived in Maine in 2007, specifically in the Scarborough area, and saw, like Karen Vachon in the article below, that Spurwink Country Kitchen was going to be auctioned, you might have wondered what would become of the place. Thank you "Uncle" Don for rescuing Spurwink Country Kitchen and continuing to serve the great comfort food it was known for.

I would always stop by dinner when I was in the Portland Maine area working with my company's clients. I am part of a team that helps healthcare professionals with concierge medicine marketing software. Patients who sign on to a concierge practice have high expectations of its customer service. I work with many CRM programs, but our progressive software company generally recommends the Salesforce platform since it is the only CRM software specifically designed for healthcare. My team also will frequently create a portal or dashboard that will aggregate the client's EMR, billing, and other programs into one easy-to-access dashboard. Most of the time I build new applications or customize the doctor's current programs to work better for them and synch with other programs they may be using such as their electronic medical records (EMR), etc. I love the job and get to travel around. I always enjoy visitng Portland because I know where I am going to eat a lot of my meals. Hello, Spurwink Country Kitchen.

At one time this was the Spurwink Country Kitchen website. When its domain registration expired, the site disappeared from the web. Around 2013 someone bought the domain name and used the site as a blog. The registration again expired. Recently I discovered that the domain for SpurwinkCountryKitchen.com was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages and to point out that the restaurant is still operating. Even though this website has been recreated from very sparse archived pages and supplemented with other outside sources, I feel it does more justice to the Spurwink Country Kitchen restaurant than someone else who might have purchased the domain. I didn't want the site to be re-purposing for something that had nothing in common with the real Spurwink Country Kitchen restaurant.

And as a reminder, if you are in the Portland, Maine area, check out the Spurwink Country Kitchen for a tasty New England cooking experience. And don't forget dessert!

The Spurwink Country Kitchen does have a facebook page and it is listed in AAA for Maine.

AAA Listing

Amazing comfort food is offered in a casual setting. The lobster roll is super fresh and served in a grilled hot dog roll over a bit of shredded lettuce and a side of mayo - it is perfect. Other tasty items include meatloaf, fried seafood, burgers and sandwiches.
Save room for dessert as their menu of homemade fruit pies and quick breads is impressive.

Features: Lunch and dinner served.
Location: On SR 77. 150 Spurwink Rd 04074
Cost: $8-$24
Closed: Some major holidays; also 10/30-3/31.

Karen's Corner:  Phew! Restaurant in good hands with 'Uncle Don'

Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2007 1:00 am
Karen Vachon

I had heard the good news. It was about as good as it could get. But, I must confess that my heart had skipped a beat or two a few weeks earlier when I drove by Spurwink Country Kitchen and saw that the restaurant was on the auction block. Who would buy this old building and operate a seasonal restaurant when the land had become so valuable? It would take a special person to preserve this historic landmark. What were the chances?

The good news started to spread. The restaurant would continue the tradition of serving the comfort food for which it had become known. The new owner was committed to giving customers what they wanted. Was this too good to be true? I had to go see for myself.

As I drove in the parking lot, I wondered: Are they open already? The parking lot had lots of cars. A red Cadillac was parked by the front door, with the license plate "UNC" that caught my eye. A Scarborough police car was there, too. It looked like the place had already become everybody's restaurant. I approached the door, and there was a note: "Trying to be open by the end of May. Lots to do (with the) license process (and) changing of hands. See you soon. Uncle Don."

Hmmm, I wondered. Is this a note to a niece or nephew? Perhaps the owner isn't here right now, and I'll meet someone else in charge. The door was open, but the peeling paint showed that the place needed some upkeep. Despite its flaws, the atmosphere felt welcoming, and from the kitchen I could hear lots of friendly chatter. I walked through the dark dining room and knocked on the kitchen door. A woman greeted me, and introduced herself as Anita from the Bureau of Health.

Indeed, there was a lot of work to do. The new owner was in. I just had to get in line to talk to him. He came around the corner and told me to make myself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, and then he stopped. "Oh wait, the water isn't hooked up yet!" I decided to go back to the front porch, where the sun was warming the cold building. As I waited, several cars drove in, some drove through and others parked and the drivers came in. I was amazed at how many nieces and nephews this "Uncle Don" had. He sure had a lot of support.

Finally, it was my turn to meet the new owner. Having noted his sign on the door and all the work that he was trying to get done, in the hour that I was there, he had so many visitors, I thought, the place will never open. Pulling up a wicker chair, he told me that now I would have his undivided attention - sort of. You see, people kept driving in to check the place out. Each time a car drove up, the owner said, "Wow, this is a popular place. I need to go speak to my customers." And he did. It was then that I learned that he was everybody's uncle. "Call me 'Uncle Don,' he told the people, we'll be open soon. Thanks for coming by."

So who is this Uncle Don, I wondered. Within minutes, I knew that this restaurant was in very good hands. He is a man of passion, who has worn many hats in his life. Now in semi-retirement, he bought this restaurant because he couldn't stand the thought of another historic landmark becoming a beautiful home on a piece of valuable real estate. A man after my own heart, I thought. But can he cook?

"It's all in the handling of the dough" he assured me. Confident that he holds the secret for the flakiest pie crust, I believe that he can!

Two decades ago, Donald Drew - "Uncle Don" - owned the Westcustogo Inn in Yarmouth. For 42 years he's been involved with the Lyric Music Theatre in South Portland, currently serving as vice past president of finance, and he owns the gift shop, Cricket's Corner, in Raymond. He's taught children's cooking classes in Yarmouth and Southern Maine Community College summer program for gifted and talented children. He has written a cookbook, "Uncle Don's Adventure Down East Cookbook."

"I love the spirit of community. Bringing people together and cooking for them is what I like to do," he said.

Above all, he wants his customers to know that this is their restaurant. He's planning to keep the comfort-food menu that the people have come to know and love. But as for the length of season for operation, he said, if the customers want him to stay open longer, he's open to the idea. He's currently hiring staff.

For those who were wondering about this famous restaurant's future, it looks like we're in good hands.

Spurwink Country Kitchen
150 Spurwink Rd
Scarborough, ME 04074

Yelp Reviews

$$& American (Traditional)


John L.
South Portland, ME

The decor of this restaurant seems to be an Ole New England standard for good restaurants. The pine paneling stained a medium brown, lots of space, and very friendly staff.One of the big differences here is a warm and friendly greeting from the owner, Uncle Don. He also came to the table after our order arrived to check on our satisfaction.

I have eaten here twice and enjoyed the food immensely. The portion were huge and the quality was as good as it gets. The food is what I'd make if I had the time and energy. The menu has a large selection of seafood that my friend has had both times and she really enjoyed her meals both times.

Stop in, if your in the neighborhood, you won't be disappointed or I'm sure Uncle Don will make it right.



Rhonda O
Richmond, VA

Good comfort food, when our family needed some good comfort.  Thank you, uncle Don and your pleasant staff! The food was great!



Cyndi O.
Portland, ME

I've been going to this restaurant since I was a very little girl. It was my great grandmothers favorite and our family went there for many special and really delicious Maine meals.. there were always the world 's best home made pies.. blueberry gawd.. fried clams lobster rolls. I went there for my birthday in June.. and was terribly disappointed. There was nearly no lobster in the hot dog roll.. not even toasted geez. the service was meh and the prices were not reflected in any way by the horrible quality of the food.. I've eaten here for years and years.. easily 100 times.. always loved it.. I won't be back. Also Uncle Don .. kinda creepy.. ok just creepy



Louise M.
Los Angeles, CA

First thing: they're open Every Night from 5-8! These hours are wrong. The only time they're closed is Monday for lunch. I wish I could flag the mean review below. We come only in the summer. We live in California now, but dream of coming back to this restaurant all year long. Uncle Don is a wonderful host and loves his work. The wait staff is happy and kind. My 6-year-old daughter loves it as much as I do. Indian Pudding and the baked haddock are my favorites but everything is delicious and old-fashioned. Urban foodie place it's not. It's authentic old-fashioned New England home-cooking style food and nothing else satisfies the same way! Wish I could have it mailed to me all winter!



Miriam C.
Saunderstown, RI

My husband and I were visiting Maine from Rhode Island and explored the Scarborough area.The AAA recommended this place (plus my husband is called "Uncle Don" to many.) We were welcomed by a lovely woman and got served by a waitress who was confident about their food. We ordered salads and they were ample servings and veggies were fresh. I had the crab cakes as well and they were great -- not too salty. We shared an apple raspberry crisp which was divine. The only "downer" was Uncle Don did not greet us.



Conner A.
Trumbull, CT

We find Uncle Don's to be a delight. Excellent chowder, very good entrees and superlative desserts! A friendly family atmosphere with very cordial help. Highly highly recommended. Bill and Emily



Jess M.
Washington, DC

Delicious comfort food!! But there are plenty of seafood options on the menu as well. I personally love the chicken pot pie with the flaky crust!
Uncle Don (the owner) makes the BEST clam chowder in Maine. He also makes great pies!!



Jay S.
Windsor, CT

We were lucky enough to come across Spurwink Country Kitchen when we were driving between Freeport and Portland it this was a truly excellent find! The service was excellent, the owner came up and introduced himself and made sure that everything was okay with our meal which was a nice touch. The fish sandwich was a fresh fillet of haddock and perhaps the best I have ever had, and there were ample options for kids and the food was delivered quickly and with a smile. While we did not know about this place before we randomly drove by, we will definitely be back.



C C.
Saraland, AL

I had been looking forward to another great meal here, tonight was a huge disappointment. Scallops were on the board as a special for 19.95--I got 5 scallops cut in half. Great taste, but are you kidding me 5 scallops for 20 bucks. The mashed potatoes were homemade and the vegetable medley was also very tasty. Desert was fantastic--all homemade and what a great selection. However, I was really looking forward to more than 5 scallops. Next time we will go just for coffee and one of the homemade deserts



sara p.
Marlborough, MA

I loved everything about this place :) The staff is wonderful and pleasant, the Clam Chowder is the best I have ever had, same about the Indian Pudding! I Can't wait to go back!



Emily A.
South Portland, ME

Comfort food at it's best ! I have been going here since I was a little girl and the food is just as good now, maybe even better, than it was back then! You'd swear your grandma was in the kitchen doing the cooking, but since she's sitting right next to you it's impossible.
It's really such a charming place, small and decorated like your great aunt's formal dining room. It is quite small though, so in the summer be prepared for a substantial wait, but the food is totally worth it!



Liz K.
Boston, MA
First to Review

Step into the Spurwink Country Kitchen and you just might forget it's 2009! This restaurant is a local favorite that's been around for decades, and the menu is chock-full of comfort food.  The clientelle is mostly senior citizens and families, and the whole place has a very homey atmosphere.  Call ahead to see if there's a wait in the summertime, and make sure to save room for dessert, because the gingerbread here is to DIE for.